How To Stock Your Travelling First Aid Kit

Vacations are a great opportunity to relax and let the stresses of life simply melt away. Unfortunately, unexpected illnesses and injuries can put a big damper on travel plans. So how do you enjoy your trip without worrying about the “what if’s”? By preparing yourself for as many possible situations as you can. A travelling first aid kit is your first line of defense against many of the urgent situations that can crop up and spoil your fun. A travelling first aid kit can be the home for many items, depending on what your current health needs are and how badly you want to avoid searching for a pharmacy in a strange location in the middle of the night. Even if the destination is familiar to you, having a few necessities on hand can make your visit motor along more smoothly – and happily.

Preparation Is The Key

Preparing your travelling first aid kit occurs long before you set foot on the plane or drive the first mile in your itinerary. Your first course of action should be to check to see that all of your family’s prescription medications are up to date and refills are stocked. It is a good idea to carry a few extra doses of prescription medication in case your trip is delayed or other unexpected events crop up. Prescriptions include eye glasses and contact as well, so make sure that your travelling first aid kit includes spare pairs of both. It is a good idea to carry these medications with you instead of packing them in suitcases, but check with your airline for current restrictions. While over-the-counter medications are easy to find just about anywhere, by adding a few to your travelling first aid kit you will avoid unnecessary trips to a pharmacy and the high prices that tourist locations are notorious for.

Over-the-counter medications to include in your travelling first aid kit are: pain relievers, antihistamines, motion sickness medications, antacids and antidiarrheal medications. Stomach remedies may be particularly important, since vacations usually consist of eating many rich and foreign foods! It is also wise to toss a few band-aids and some antibiotic ointment into your travelling first aid kit. Basic supplies for a vacation that can be placed in your travelling first aid kit include sunscreen, antibacterial gel, and lip ointment. With a good supply in your travelling first aid kit, you can rest assured that you will be spending that much-anticipated vacation ready for just about anything!