What Do You Need In A Sports First Aid Kit

Different sports are practiced by children and adults alike, some practice it for fun while others professionally but all encounter injuries at some point or the other. Children are more prone than adults to small injuries for which parents should always be prepared with a special sports first aid kit.

The Essentials In Your Sports First Aid Kit

First aid kits are meant for exactly what they suggest – first aid, therefore, you need to be able to deal with almost anything in its primary stage after which you can call for assistance should the need be. Here are what you must have in your sports first aid kit: gauze bandages of all sizes as you never know what kind of cuts they occur in a game, cold packs, analgesic cream and spray, rubbing alcohol for cleaning and disinfecting the wound before applying a band aid and pain killers.

Additional disinfectant wipes would be great in case you have to assist someone injured on the field away from the house and running water; also, gloves, scissors and tweezers should be included in your sports first aid kit.

Make The Sports First Aid Kit Available

It is very important that all concerned parties know where the sports first aid kit is located in case of need; also if the game will take place away from the house make sure the kit is available close to the location for example, in the car or on one of the family members who are watching the game. Should your child go by himself/herself for the game ensure that he/she is carrying it in their backpack in case of emergency.

Helpful Tip

Educate your family the importance of taking care adequately of your health at all times especially if your kids are performing a professional or dangerous game such as skiing, ice skating, football and so on.

Also let your family know where the emergency kits are in the house, the medical condition of each one of you (should you have any special condition) and what should be done in case there is an emergency. You may be able to save a life by simply making everyone aware of the situation around.

Sports is fun and most of the times the injuries occurred during games are minor but, those minor injuries can easily turn into major one should you not disinfect and clean in time. Keep sports first aid kit handy when you have children or other adults involved in sports in the house.