Guide To Red Cross First Aid Training

The Red Cross is a major medical association, which conducts many first aid courses for professionals and non-professionals alike. You can get a Red Cross first aid training certification during this summer vacation and be a helpful hand in need.

Enrolling For A First Aid Course

Red Cross first aid training courses can be in many different fields such as CPR, Industrial Accidents first aid training and so on. Depending on what your requirements are you can find a course with the Red Cross. Today, many jobs require you have a basic first aid training to be hired such as, crew members and flight attendants who need to have a first aid certification in order to get on board and that is because they all need to be able to provide a helping hand in case of any emergency.

Red Cross first aid training courses can take couple of weeks or a few months depending on the course you choose however, they are recognized worldwide and are extremely intense. You can also apply for an online Red Cross first aid training course should you not have the time to spend in traditional class courses.

Online courses are recognized as well but they usually will take longer than the traditional ones as you will only access them when you have time; some the exams will have to be conducted in local hospitals or clinics close to you but not online. Online courses are as competitive as the traditional ones just that you will complete them from the comfort of your home.

Online Red Cross first aid training have special forums which you will be able to access whenever you choose, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; you will also be able to chat with fellow students and professors as well when they are available.

Helpful Tip

Red Cross first aid training is highly recommended to everyone who wants to acquire the knowledge and expertise of being able to assist with saving a life in the time of need. First aid alone has saved millions of people as sometimes a few minutes counts before you can get professional help.

Many attend first aid training just because they have an ailing family member and they want to be prepared in case of an emergency. Heart attack alone can kill or complete matters ten folds if first aid if not being given in the first couple of minutes of the stroke or is the first aid id being given wrong.

Learn to save lives today and enroll in a Red Cross first aid training course. You will be able to understand your body better and those of others as well thus, leading a better richer life in the process.

Taking A Red Cross First Aid Course

Medical emergencies can strike at any time and anywhere. To protect your family, coworkers and those that you come in contact with on a daily basis, you may want to consider taking a first aid course. Generally, the response time of emergency personnel is well within the time frame of saving an individual’s life. However, it is important to note that serious accidents may cause extensive bleeding or cessation of breathing. Anytime that can be devoted in providing CPR or slowing down arterial bleeding may save a life.

There are many first aid courses that are provided through hospitals, community colleges and not-for-profits. One such not-for-profit, that has been providing first aid training for a number of years, is the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross first aid training is a highly respected curriculum that provides textbook and practical training. American Red Cross first aid training courses provide many course options to the person who is interested in being trained. Specifically, a Red Cross first aid class teaches the student in two ways. The first method of teaching is through classroom training and the second method is by gaining practical instruction.

Classroom Training

An important part of Red Cross first aid training takes place in a classroom setting.. Classroom training consists of a maximum number of students so that the proper ratio of instructor to student participation is maintained. The Red Cross first aid training is facilitated by a certified instructor who supplements their instruction through the use of a video tape.

The video simulates emergencies that could occur in the workplace, home or public environment. The video also visually demonstrates proper techniques in administering first aid. The video used for Red Cross first aid training purposes is segmented into different topics. These topics include immobilizing extremities in the event of an accident, applying a bandage to slow down bleeding, as well as illustrating other symptoms associated with medical emergency events that could be minimized through the use of first aid. Following each segment of instruction, the video is paused and the instructor will go over the material and allow for questions.

In addition, a textbook is used that provides definitions of specific terms related to first aid instruction and describing how to properly perform first aid procedures. In addition, the textbooks used to instruct students are replete with illustrations to help in the proper performance of the techniques.

Practical Instruction

The second important part of Red Cross first aid training is the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. Often, a training class will allow for the students to practice on each other using those learned techniques in the classroom portion of the training.

Some of these techniques include immobilizing the shoulders that have been injured, applying splints to extremities and the application of bandages to slow down the bleeding of open wounds.

Finally, to gauge the retention of the material covered in the classroom and practical instruction of the Red Cross first aid course, a written test is administered. In order to receive certification for taking this Red Cross first aid training course a certain number of the questions need to be correctly answered.