Selecting A First Aid Cabinet For The Workplace

As medical emergencies, requiring first aid treatment, is not limited to any particular type of job, a first aid cabinet should be an essential part of any workplace setting. This workplace environment could range from a factory, construction site or office environment. In fact, there are many federal and state regulations that require, under OSHA standards, that a first aid cabinet be supplied in the workplace. But, the overriding factor and availability of a first aid cabinet should be the concern for the safety of the employees.

There are many different sizes of first aid cabinets available on the market. The larger the size of the first aid cabinet the greater amount of first aid supplies that can be stored. Therefore, certain guidelines in selecting and placing the cabinet should be considered. In addition, the choice of a stocked first aid cabinet should contain specific first aid supplies.


When selecting your first aid cabinet for the workplace, there should be certain guidelines considered. Those guidelines considered should be the size of the first aid cabinet, how and where the first aid cabinet is mounted and if there is a specific person in charge.

The greater the size of the first aid cabinet, the more visible it will be to those in the workplace. Also, signage can be placed appropriately to indicate where the cabinet is situated as well as what is inside. Most important of all, in regards to the size, is the quantity and variety of first aid supplies that can be placed in the cabinet. The larger your facility and the number of employees should be in direct proportion to the availability of first aid supplies. First aid cabinets have multiple shelves and a 2 shelf cabinet is considered to be the appropriate size for a workplace that has up to 75 employees.

The cabinet should be conveniently mounted in an area that is identified as being the most accessible for the majority of those in the workplace. Consideration of installing multiple cabinets may be indicated if the facility is expansive.

It is also a good idea to have one person who is specifically responsible for maintaining the cabinet. Their job description would include the role of restocking first aid supplies, to ensure that the cabinet is free from any obstructions and that staff are always reminded of the cabinet’s availability and location.