The Necessary First Aid Kit For Hiking

Hiking is an adventurous sport, which usually takes place in the summer, but not necessarily, as some pursue this wonderful activity during the winter months as well. While having a great time you must remember that hiking is a sport where you can easily get injured, therefore, you must always carry a first aid kit for hiking purposes.

Preparing Your First Aid Kit For Hiking

First and foremost, you must find a lightweight container in order to store and carry the supplies, remember you are hiking and that implies you will have everything in your backpack, which is mostly on your back.

A first aid kit for hiking must be compact and contain essential items, which will assist you in need and here are some suggestions: sterile gauze in different sizes with adhesive tape, cloth bandages, which can easily be wrapped around in need, sharp scissors that can easily cut through thick clothes that you might be wearing when hiking but with blunt nose so you don’t hurt yourself in the process, antibiotic cream and spray to sterilize and treat open wounds and gloves for the same.

Usually hikers will carry blankets, as part of their gear and that will be useful when injured as well. Sanitary wipes, pain killers, insect repellant and rubbing alcohol should be part of your gear as well.

Other Helpful Tips

There are ready made first aid kits available in all sizes in department stores and/or hiking stores as well; the first aid kits found in the hiking stores will usually be adequately provided for and all you will have to do is keep replenishing it as needed.

Prevention is always better than cure especially when you are out in the woods hiking and you will be needed to improvise on almost anything and everything should you not have it in your backpack already.

Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, however, being adequately prepared for it is key to a successful trip full of fun and great memories. Ensure that everyone who is in the hiking team is aware of the first aid kit for hiking available and also if anyone has any special medical condition what treatment or medication is required for the same. Special medication should be clearly marked to avoid confusion.

The first aid kit for hiking should be placed in the hiking bag where it is easily accessible by yourself or others.