The Importance Of Having A First Aid Manual Around The Home

Imagine that it is about eight o’clock in the evening and your little boy is experiencing abdominal pain. Nothing can be more heart-wrenching than to see your child suffering. Would you know the difference between a possible appendicitis attack, constipation or simply something he ate that did not agree with him. Or, if your husband became dizzy. Would you know how to tell the difference between something minor that was affecting his equilibrium or if the dizziness was a symptom of something more serious?

Having a first aid manual available is certainly not a substitute for treating an illness. Nor should consulting a first aid manual cause any delay in seeking medical attention.

However, having a first aid manual available around the home can help you to determine how to treat minor injuries in addition to be an invaluable educational resource.

How To Manual

First of all, it is important to reiterate that a first aid manual is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. However, a first aid manual can be a tremendous resource by being a how to manual.

This how to instruction can help to identify what to do when injuries are obvious. Some of these injuries could include a nosebleed, what to do when a loved one may be choking on a piece of food or what to do in the event of a minor burn. If summoning medical help, any actions taken prior to their arrival may provide the necessary life saving moments required until help arrives.

A good first aid manual will inform you step-by-step as to what first aid measures you can take. A quality manual will also provide illustrations that depict the various levels of the injury; an example would be burns, and what can be done right away if professional medical help needs to be sought.

It is also important to remember that not all accidents happen conveniently near a medical facility. For example, a vacation or camping trip could be the scene of a medical emergency. Having a first aid manual available during these times could be the difference between saving a life or preventing even further damage.

Educational Resource

A first aid manual will also serve as an educational resource for your entire family. Medical emergencies are unexpected and as such are not planned. Therefore, it is important that the family is prepared at all times to respond to medical emergencies within the home.

Simply teaching your children the importance of dialing 911 can be a basic life saving lesson. Also, it would be prudent for the adults in the home to become acquainted with the first aid manual.

A good idea may include the anticipation of certain emergencies that may occur around the home. Some of these emergencies could include a child being burned, falling and hitting their head, getting their fingers jammed in a door, ingesting a poison, animal bites, etc. Preparing and practicing in advance is an excellent strategy in providing for your family’s safety.