Putting Together Your First Aid Kit For Dogs

Pets are simply adorable and a pleasure to have around; they relax you naturally whenever you spend time with them as well as make you a better person by taking care of them. Dogs especially are known to be man’s best friend for a reason – unconditional love and devotion.

While your dog friend would do anything for you and your safety should you not do the same for him or her? A first aid kit for dogs is the first thing you should invest in right after you have acquired your best friend in order to assure you will be able to assist your friend in time of need.

What Does A First Aid Kit For Dogs Contain

It is important that you make a label which should be placed on your first aid kit for dogs that has clear description of your dog with his or her name and pet ID number, phone number of the veterinarian and/or other canine emergency numbers.

If your dog is suffering of any preexisting medical conditions, you should write it down, it may save your dog’s life in case of emergency and when you are not around. Here are a few things that your first aid kit for dogs should contain: Betadine or similar for cleaning open wounds, bandages of all sizes, pain killers and antihistamine tables as well as activated charcoal or Ipecac, which helps with food poisoning cases, something that happens often in dogs.

Cotton balls and swabs, canine thermometer, scissors, analgesic cream and spray, gloves for protecting your hands when performing first aid, pectin for diarrhea and a muzzle, you never know when you may need one. If your dog is in extreme pain, he/she may bite in order to protect himself/herself therefore a muzzle will come handy.

If possible try to fit a thermal blanket as well in your first aid kit for dogs; it will help keep your dog warm in case he or she is down due to a physical injury especially in cold weather when loosing body heat could cost your pet’s life.

Helpful Tip

There are many other things you can add to your first aid kit for dogs but, keep it always close by especially on trips and/or camping adventures where you may get injured and someone else may access the dog’s first aid kit and will need all the provided information in order to safe your dog’s life.