Nothing Better Than A Red Cross First Aid Kit

When it comes to being prepared for a medical emergency, there is nothing more complete than a Red Cross first aid kit. While the Red Cross is an obvious advocate of having a first aid kit handy, it also strongly advises to know their location at home, in your car and at work.

You can purchase a Red Cross first aid kit from as well as from many local chapters that sell them. The Red Cross also suggests that you can buy a first aid kit at most drug stores or you can make one yourself. Using a small plastic tackle box, it can be waterproof as well as lightweight for storing under a cabinet or in a closet.

A well-stocked first aid kit is almost a necessity to have in your home as well as in your car. If you plan to hiking or camping, it is advisable to carry one or know where the closest one is located. If it is going to be too far away to be useful in an emergency, carrying one is the better choice.

First Aid Kit Recommended Content

Activated charcoal can work as a filter for some poisons; however, it should never be used without the direction of, and instruction from, a poison control center. Main items in a Red Cross first aid kit would include adhesive bandages, antibacterial ointment, band-aids, blanket, cold pack, disposable rubber gloves, gauze pads and rolled gauze as well as plastic bags, scissors and tweezers. Syrup of Ipecac should be available to induce vomiting, but used only if instructed by a poison control center.

Non-medical items in a Red Cross first aid kit could include a plastic bag with notations of emergency phone numbers such as your physician as well as the poison control center emergency number. It is important they are in plastic to keep them dry in case your kit gets wet for any reason. You should also carry a list of prescription medications along with their dosage in case of emergency so medical personnel will know what medicines you are on and won’t inadvertently give you something that may cause a negative reaction.

Red Cross first aid kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can find them for your home, your car and while on the job. A smaller one can be used for hiking and other outdoor activities and there are many which will fit inside spaces of a boat. No matter where you go or what you do, you can find a convenient Red Cross first aid kit to have around when you need it.