Minor Medical First Aid Kit For Babies

We all know the story kids will be kids and it seems like cuts and scrapes are a part of growing up. While there may be no way to prevent them, a first aid kit for babies can help treat them when they happen.

Many commercial first aid kits for babies are available and most have the essential items you may need and they are usually in a convenient carrying case. However, you will probably want to add specific items to the first aid kit for babies for your family’s specific needs. Putting your own kit together can also insure you have everything, plus by building the kit yourself, you’ll have a better idea of its contents.

You may want two separate kits to have one for the home and another for your vehicle, since you never know when an accident is going to happen. Whichever kit you choose, one of the essential items in any first aid kit for babies are emergency phone numbers. These should include the doctor, hospital and poison control center. You may also want to include the phone numbers of friends and relatives who may help watch other children while you make a run to the hospital.

Plan For All Contingencies

You will want to include in your first aid kit for babies a list of all prescription medications, the prescribing physician’s name and phone number as well as the pharmacy’s phone number in case you would need an emergency refill.

Your first aid kit for babies should also include a thermometer. A digital rectal thermometer for infants and an oral digital thermometer for older children should be available.

Liquid soap, which doesn’t need water, for cleaning small cuts and scrapes as well as band-aids for closing them, should be included in your first aid kit for babies. Anti-biotic ointment and sterile gauze bandages are needed for covering larger wound areas. A pair of tweezers may also be nice to have for removing splinters and ticks. A bottle of alcohol can be handy for cleaning the tweezers if they will be used near an open wound.

A cold pack is useful for bumps, which children usually seem to find on the playground along with sunscreen for when they are playing outside. The PDF value will be determined by the type of skin the child has and their susceptibility to sunburn.