First Aid Kit For Horses Is Necessary For Safety

As most veterinarians will tell you, if you own a horse, you should also have a first aid kit for horses fully stocked at all times and readily available. This idea will help you be prepared for large and small emergencies that may come up.

The easiest way to compile a first aid kit for horses is probably to put your own together. A plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid is about the best carrying case you will need. You can keep all the supplies in it and be ready to grab it and run if necessary. Understand, however, that having a first aid kit for horses does not take away the need to contact your veterinarian for serious injuries. As the name implies a first aid kit for horses is only to provide the first aid for injuries.

Diluted iodine, known as betadine is necessary for cleaning out fresh wounds. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for deeper cuts and punctures, flushing out the wounds to remove potential bacteria. Anti-septic ointments which fight bacteria and aid in healing should be used as often as directed by the veterinarian once they have seen the wound. This is also an item that should be in your first aid kit for horses.

Know When You Need A Veterinarian

While your first aid kit for horses is an essential item, it does not take the place of quality care that can be provided by a veterinarian. Your kit should contain a non-steroid eye ointment in case of eye injury, but your vet will need to inspect the injury to hopefully stave off the threat of permanent problems.

Sterile gauze should be available to use when cleaning wounds, and the injury should be patted to clean as opposed to wiping the area as that technique may just spread any bacteria present. Gauze wrap bandages is another item in your first aid kit for horses that can help close a wound and keep it clean until the vet has a chance to get to the animal.

A hoof pick as well as a flashlight and wire cutters should also be in your first aid kit for horses to make sure you have every potential injury covered. Additionally, some of the items available may also be used for the rider. Riding too close to a barbed wire fence, for example, could open a wound that can be cleaned and dressed with item from the first aid kit for horses.