First Aid Keeps Pets Healthy And Safe

We often consider keeping first aid kits handy in case one of our kids gets sick or hurt. But what about the four-legged members of our family? Too often, we don’t think about the potential our dogs or cats have for getting sick or injured in our homes or yards. But pets can be just as curious as children, and consequently they can get themselves into the same types of trouble that could require first aid treatment. Having a supply of first aid items for your pets can keep them safe and healthy at home and when you are on the road with them. But before you begin filling a box with supplies, there are some principles of first aid for pets that you need to know.

Administering First Aid To Your Pet

If an animal is injured, even an animal that you have taken care of for years, it can bite if it is stressed from pain. A muzzle for an injured dog is the first course of action before any kind of treatment. If you do not have a muzzle, a makeshift one can be constructed from a piece of cloth. Always check with your veterinarian before giving any type of medication to your pet, since it is difficult to know which are safe. For example, acetaminophen is toxic for cats, whereas ibuprofen can cause kidney failure in dogs. Always carry the phone number for your veterinarian and an emergency center when you are traveling with your pet.

First Aid Items For Pets

Your first aid kit for your pet should include many of the same items you would have in a kit for your family’s use. Bandage material is essential, but instead of the typical white adhesive tape you would use on a person, masking tape will be safer for your pet’s fur. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide makes a good antibacterial application on wounds, but an antibacterial ointment is good to have on hand as well. Scissors, tweezers and eyedroppers are other handy items to keep, and blankets are an important supply as well. Medications like Syrup of Ipecac and activated charcoal can be used in the event of an accidental poisoning, but never administer without the okay from your veterinarian.

Pets need special care in emergencies just like people do. Having the correct first aid supplies for your pet can keep your pet safe and may even save its life.